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Updated 2 December 2023
Philosophy videos – A small collection. Mostly youtube videos.

130. Ibn Rushd (Averroes) - Champion of Reason (2020) 27 min
Ibn Rushd was a muslim polymath who mastered a number of different fields. He was born in Cordoba in modern Spain in the year 1126.
129. P. F. Strawson and Gareth Evans on Truth (1973) 25 min
Filmed for The Open University as part of a third-level Arts course, Problems of Philosophy.
128. Being 97 (2019) 18 min
A short film in memory of Herbert Fingarette by his grandson Andrew Hasse. A 97-year-old philosopher faces his own death.
127. Big Questions in Free Will (2015) 100 min
Robert Lawrence Kuhn follows a cast of philosophers, scientists and theologians in an ambitious project on free will funded by the John Templeton Foundation.
126. Is the Anthropic Principle Significant? (2019) 27 min
Robert Lawrence Kuhn discusses a controversial principle with Bernard Carr, Pedro Ferreira, Avi Loeb, John Peacock and Luke Barnes.
125. Religious Faith: Rational or Rationalization? (2016) 27 min
Robert Lawrence Kuhn ponders the phenomenon of religious faith with John Cottingham, John Bishop, Julian Baggini and Jeff Schloss.
124. Killing Time (1999) 23 min
A short film in which Julian Barbour explains how he came to the conclusion that time does not exist. English with Dutch subtitles.
123. What Do Animals Think? (1997) 50 min
Do animals feel pain or pleasure? Do they know they exist at all? An investigation into the mystery of animal awareness.
122. The Ingenious Botanist in the Mountains of Tajikistan (2018) 20 min
An elegant, meditative portrait of a passionate and ingenious botanist in a famine-struck, post-Soviet world.
121. Carlo Rovelli on The Order of Time (2018) 58 min
Carlo Rovelli joins an expectant crowd at Shakespeare & Company Bookshop in Paris to discuss his mind-bending new work, The Order of Time.
120. The Science of Time Travel – Part Two (2012) 10 min
A short video by science journalist Dan Falk, author of In Search of Time (St. Martin’s Press 2008).
119. The Science of Time Travel – Part One (2012) 9 min
A short video by science journalist Dan Falk, author of In Search of Time (St. Martin’s Press 2008).
118. Decoding the Human Brain with Robotic Limbs (2018) 10 min
Physicist Davide D’Angelo travels to Belgium to explore unusual consciousness experiments at psychologist Axel Cleeremans’s lab.
116. My Mind’s Eye, Episode 3. Mapping the Mind: An Interview with Eric Kandel (2014) 19 min
Joseph LeDoux speaks with Eric Kandel in the third of a series of interviews on mind and brain.
115. My Mind’s Eye, Episode 2. How Free is Your Will?: An Interview with Michael Gazzaniga (2014) 17 min
Joseph LeDoux speaks with Michael Gazzaniga in the second of a series of interviews on mind and brain.
114. My Mind’s Eye, Episode 1. The Mind-Body Problem: An Interview with Ned Block (2013) 15 min
Neuro-scientist Joseph LeDoux speaks with Ned Block in the first of a series of interviews on mind and brain.
113. The Muppets Explain Phenomenology (2012) 3 min
The muppets explain the existential philosophy of phenomenology in three minutes. Translated by Barry Fern.
111. The Mind-Body Problem (2016) 8 min
In this short eight-minute clip, Jonathan Westphal introduces his new book, The Mind-Body Problem, which advocates a neutral monist position.
110. To Be (1990) 10 min
A brilliant ten-minute cartoon illustrating some of the philosophical issues that arise from the use of a Star-Trek-style teletransporter. A film by John Weldon.
109. Freeman Dyson Meets Wittgenstein (c. 1997) 4 min
Next door to me there was Wittgenstein, who lived on the same staircase, and he always cooked for himself too, and so I used to cook …
108. Can Physics End Time? (2015) 59 min
Yuval Dolev of Bar-Ilan University explains why he thinks physics does not have the last word on time.
107. Time: A Conversation with Simon Prosser (2012) 3 min
I’ve reached a point in my research where I’m absolutely convinced of a thing called the B-theory of time …
106. The Surprising Pattern Behind Color Names Around the World (2017) 7 min
In 1969, two Berkeley researchers, Paul Kay and Brent Berlin, published a book on a groundbreaking idea …
105. Philosopher’s Hut Deep in the Fjord: Wittgenstein in Norway (2015) 22 min
All that remains of his hut are its stone foundations and a faint trail up the mountain. Some Norwegians are trying to change this.
104. Derek Parfit (1942-2017 RIP) 24 min
A great thinker teleports out. Garrett Cullity recalls his brilliant doctoral supervisor with Joe Gelonesi of ABC Radio Natural.
103. Your Favorite Philosopher (2017) 9 min
Language lessons through authentic street interviews. This is Easy German lesson 193 on “your favourite philosopher.” Only in Germany!
102. Victim of the Brain (1988) 90 min
A 1988 film by Piet Hoenderdos based on the ideas in Douglas Hofstadter’s book, The Mind’s I: Fantasies and Reflections on Self and Soul.
101. The New Great Time War – the Reality of Time (2013) 24 min
Joe Gelonesi of ABC Radio Natural chats with Kristie Miller, Roberto Unger, Craig Callender and Huw Price about the reality of time.
100. Philosophy Publishing (2017) 40 min
Academic publishing as it currently stands “is not a secure long-term proposition.” A Royal Institute of Philosophy broadcast.
99. The Man with the 7 second Memory (2005) 48 min
The remarkable and poignant story of Clive Wearing, a man with one of the worst cases of amnesia in the world.
98. David Chalmers: Virtual Reality (2016) 5 min
David Chalmers considers how virtual reality is reframing and shedding new light on some of philosophy’s most enduring questions.
97. Graham Priest: The Liar Paradox (2016) 6 min
Graham Priest explains how the Liar Paradox – debated since antiquity – can upend the traditional Western view that all contradictions must be false.
96. The Mystery of Time (2014) 6 min
Michael Strevens and Tim Maudlin explain the philosophical conundrum of time.
95. Alain de Botton: Status Anxiety (2004) 143 min
With the help of artists, writers and philosophers, Alain de Botton examines the origins of status anxiety before revealing ingenious ways …
94. Interview: Paul Snowdon (2016) 20 min
Adam Ferner interviews Paul Snowdon of University College London. They discuss his philosophical upbringing, the deification of Peter Strawson and …
93. Interview: Mary Midgley (2016) 40 min
Mary Midgley talks to Michael Bavidge about her time in Oxford and the importance of a holistic approach to philosophy.
92. Why is Consciousness So Baffling? – Hubert Dreyfus – Closer to Truth (2009) 9 min
Hubert Dreyfus on the history of artificial intelligence and scientific attempts to model the conscious mind.
91. Mysteries of Free Will – Galen Strawson – Closer to Truth (c. 2015) 9 min
Galen Strawson explains why he thinks there is a fundamental sense in which free will is impossible.
130. Ibn Rushd (Averroes) - Champion of Reason (2020)

Ibn Rushd was a muslim polymath who mastered a number of different fields. He was born in Cordoba in modern Spain in the year 1126. (27 minutes)